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How to protect your rental property in Lakeland

March 18, 2022

Regardless of whether you sublet your family’s cottage or have an assortment of Airbnbs, you may find it difficult to protect your rental properties in Lakeland. Due to the continual flow of tenants, it's not hard to forget about a key in the handover or find yourself without a valuable belonging. In addition, what would you do when there’s a fire or flood at the property when you’re away?

From smart door locks to comprehensive security with home automation, here are some top recommendations on how to protect your Airbnb in Lakeland. 

Get rid of your keys with your Lakeland smart locks

When a guest moves on, they could leave the keys behind for the next guest. However, if they grabbed or copied a key, they would be able to access your place again at a later time. Of course, you might change the locks when a key is “misplaced”, but that creates delays and cuts into your revenue.

Thankfully, you can install smart locks that work along with your security system to counter these concerns. You can then issue each visitor their personal code number for entry. When they depart, there’s no need to worry with the key exchange. Instead, simply program the codes to expire when they’re gone. If previous occupants return and attempt to use their old code on the number pad, you will receive an update of the failed attempt on your phone.

A smart security system makes empty properties appear occupied at all times

The goal is that your Lakeland rental property will be occupied, but that won’t always be the case. Nevertheless, you always want to make it seem that guests are there so your rental isn’t a potential target for burglars. Incorporating a security system that includes home automation allows you to take advantage of smart lights, motion detection devices, and surveillance systems that make your lodging appear lived-in.

You can put your plan in motion by scheduling your smart lighting to turn on at specific hours of the night. You will also set your security app to warn you if your cameras spot an intruder prowling around your perimeter or coming to your main entrance. You can use the talk capability to make them aware that you're watching or program your lighting to instantly turn on when a surveillance device or motion sensor discerns questionable movement.

Protect your Lakeland Airbnb with 24-hour monitoring

Your tenants can sleep easy if they have protection from intruders, especially when Lakeland is not familiar to them. If a thief attempts to gain entry, your security system will not only initiate the alarm siren but will also notify your 24-hour monitoring agents. Even if you’re not available, emergency services will be on its way. Your monitoring experts are capable of acting as your point person and loop you in whenever you're free.

In addition to intrusions, your monitoring hub can be linked to fire alarms, flood sensors, and CO detectors. It is likely to be distressing for your visitor if flooding occurs or a fire erupts. You will then receive a cell phone notification that a potentially dangerous event has occurred, but a representative can also arrange for assistance while you're en route.

Order a modern home security package in Lakeland

Protect your Lakeland rental with the latest in home protection. Luckily, Vivint provides options like smart lights, smart door locks, and 24-hour monitoring. Touch base with us today and our security specialists will personalize a plan that makes sense for your property. Call (863) 591-5048 or fill out the form to get started!