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Top 5 advantages of smart home door locks in Lakeland

April 24, 2023
Person using app on phone to lock door.

Do you recollect when the the most convenient way to grant a neighbor entry into your house was to place a spare key under the door mat or on the inside of a flower pot? There’s a much safer method to do things today. Smart home door locks in Lakeland will not only offer convenient admittance to people you wish to permit inside, but they will also add security and manageability to your normal routine. Check out our top five advantages of these modern components.

No. 1 - Increased safety for your home

It’s pretty easy to see why putting a backup key outside for somebody isn’t a great idea. Smart home door locks give you the chance to do away with traditional keys completely. As well as entry without keys, these devices improve safety in a range of ways as you have the chance to:

  • Configure them to automatically lock following a specified amount of time once they’ve been opened.
  • Program them to lock at particular instances, like when you’re going to sleep.
  • Check your phone to determine if the entry is locked. If it’s still open, you may lock it from a distance.

No. 2 - Smart home door locks in Lakeland simplify your life

Have you ever struggled to find a key with arms full of groceries? This is no longer an issue with smart door locks. A simple tap of your cell phone will have the door accessible and ready for you. Even though functionality may vary, numerous models provide convenience through:

  • Control from a distance. Secure or grant access to your door no matter where you are with an internet connection. Did you just stretch out in bed and don’t feel like getting up? All you have to do is utilize the simple app on your smartphone.
  • Hands-free operation. Need to disengage the lock while washing dishes? Simply say a command to your Amazon or Google speaker.

No. 3 - Set codes for family, neighbors, and other approved visitors

One of the best things about many smart front door locks in Lakeland is that you aren’t restricted to a sole combination for your keypad. In fact, you are able to create personalized PINs for the people who need access, such as your loved ones, neighbors, relatives, and trusted friends. You may even set time-limited passcodes or others that can only be used at particular times. For example, if your cleaning crew typically enters between noon and 3 p.m. on Thursdays, you can customize a code for those hours.

No. 4 - Get notifications whenever someone enters

This goes hand-in-hand with No. 3, but it’s still worth bringing up. Not only can you assign codes, but you may also monitor who is using them and when. Did your teen come home without notice in the middle of the day? You even have the opportunity to get alerts through your mobile device home security app. By doing so, you’ll be promptly informed the moment somebody enters.

No. 5 - Incorporate with other tools in your Lakeland home security system

When you have home automation incorporated into your home security, you may add ease and security by having components work in unison. For example, you might set your foyer light to illuminate whenever the front door lock is opened. In addition, you can have the doors auto-unlock if a safety alarm is tripped, allowing for a quicker exit. You may personalize your security system in numerous ways.

Request smart home door locks in Lakeland from Vivint

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